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Environmental Services

Proactive approaches to environmental challenges

Protecting, maintaining and preserving our natural resources is an important aspect of our business.  Our environment service prides itself on taking care of our natural resources.

  • Stormwater Management:  My Bloom conducts above-ground inspections, maintenance, and repairs to make sure your stormwater is performing at its best and is in compliance with all local, regional, and federal regulations. Our Stormwater services include:
    • Bioretention
    • Permeable Pavers
    • Vegetation Clearing & Stabilization
    • Conservation Landscaping
  • Agronomy: Our staff undergoes rigorous annual training to maintain a property’s landscape. There is a science to making your lawn and landscape beautiful, and My Bloom knows just how to maintain it. Applying the right amount of pesticides and fertilizers all has a direct impact on our streams, lakes, and wetlands.  Thus, careful expertise is given by our certified applicators.
  • Water Management: Our expert technicians are highly trained and take a pro-active approach to conserving water. Conservation begins with our technicians checking run times on irrigation systems and its efficiencies. By increasing the systems efficiency water is saved and hot spots can be avoided. Additionally, My Bloom technicians regularly view and compare historical weather trends so adjustments to the system can be made.






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